Breathe is a project made by a team of 3 designers. It was created for a client who is an audio student and composed the song "Breathe".

Artists statement:

"I had a vision, of a man laying down bricks in front of me as I walked a long path. He had no reason to be there, I could have made my own path and struggled through the grass and forests and mountains. Yet he continued to pave the way for me. At points I lost focus, and wandered from the path. Scratching myself on thistles and pushing through vines, I struggled for a while, yet when I emerged from the undergrowth, he was once again in front of me. He took me on my journey, until I could walk no further, and then he picked me up and continued on."

People who worked on this game:

Stefan Volejnik (Music composition, Concept design)

Caleb Middlebrook (Programming, Design)

Harrison Metcalfe (Design, Animation)

Melinda Asher (Environment design)

Caleb Barton (Programming)


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Where's the Mac build? :)

Where's the Mac build? :)